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If you surf the web for any amount of time, or perhaps you're a veteran of surfing that remembers the good old days of dial-up ISP's, you know the wonderful feeling you get waiting for pages to load into your browser. The countless time spent waiting and wondering, making another snack or getting your drink refilled only to find that the page still isn't loaded completely is enough to make you pull your hair out-if there's any left after all that waiting.

Now enter Site Optimization's finest moment: making your site load fast is the boiled down answer. How we get there and still maintain the quality level you want is a matter of years of experience with Graphic Design and Site Management knowledge.

Unit Media Services offers Site Optimization to every Site Design plan we offer at no extra charge. Does it work? Well, if it didn't, you would still be waiting for this page to load and would have probably left the site by now. Using our experience and skills in making sites run fast and smooth gives us an edge over other designers that haven't learned the techniques to speed you along the information super-highway!

If you want Site Optimization as a stand alone service, we offer you an hourly rate to make your site rev into fourth gear. After all, if time is money, you don't want to waste your visitor's time when they log onto your site. We'll need access to your site and off you'll go making your site as fast, if not faster, than your any of your competitors.

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