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or as it is known to web designers, SEO. SEO is when Search Engines can find and categorize your site quickly and effectively. What that means to you is better placement in the search engine rankings.

Better search engine placement means that anyone looking to find products or services that you offer have a better chance of finding your site than one of the millions of sites that have the same words, phrases or listings that you do.

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If you have ever "googled" something you may have noticed that the first couple pages are the highest "ranking" sites that Google has found relating to your specific search terms. You may have also noticed in the upper right hand corner that those listings are a few of the, usually, millions of sites that contain the phrases or words related to the same words you want people to find you through searches.

While most search engines rely on your keywords to place your site in their rankings, they also have several other factors taken into consideration. Keywords matching the content on your page(s), description of your site, relation to search term to keywords and copy on your page(s), and also several other factors that are harder to control without you spending vast amounts of time or money.

Unit Media Services has the solution! We have partnered with WebsiteNotification.com to get you the key ingredients to search Engine Optimization all in one spot. While we work with you to ensure that keywords, copy and more match the aspects search engines look for when visiting a site, we can only do so much.

Utilizing the effective submission techniques on WebsiteNotification.com ensures that you will get better placement than if you were going this alone or by relying on keywords and descriptions by themselves. Not to mention, you will receive a discount over the pricing listed on WebsiteNotification.com than if you used their services on your own.


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