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One of the most overlooked aspects of a web site is the Marketing involved. It was an old saying that went "build it and they will come!" However, that was then and this is now-not to use too many cliches, but it's so very true.

Your site can be lost in the millions of web sites that offer products or services nearly identical to yours. Then there are informational pages discussing subjects similar to yours. ...and the list does go on for nearly forever. If you have not done your homework, you may wind up near the bottom of a list of millions of sites.

Nowadays there are fancy acronyms for these things like "a P3 site," "SEO," and others that basically mean you have better placement in the search engines when someone "Googles" a term or product from your site.

What does that mean to you? Well, for one thing it means that if someone is searching for a product or service like yours and doesn't know you exist, they can find you more easily. It also means that when they can find you and can find your site, you have a better chance of making sales and increasing profits.

But if they end up at your site and it is hard to read, hard to navigate, crowded, off point, or the pages and images load very slowly, then they may just move on writing you off as one of the poorly made sites that permeate the internet. This is called Site Optimization. Unit Media Services is renowned for making certain that even the slowest of ISP's load your page as fast as possible. This makes certain visitors coming to your site don't leave because it is not optimized. Sitting and waiting is not one of the virtues of today's web surfers!

Unit Media Services has a solution! By offering services designed to enhance the "findability" and "read-ability" of your site, we can help you in getting better page ranking(s) when search terms that relate to you or your company are used in search engines. By utilizing effective word design within your site along with keywords assists you in driving visitors to your site by giving your site an overall uniformity that search engines look for when they crawl the web.

Also, Search Engine Submission, along with placement in a multitude of directories can help you bring more people to your site then you may ever imagine. There is no single aspect to marketing your site. It is definitely a concerted effort that has to be orchestrated to its fullest potential in order to make certain you are not listed on page 250 out of one million pages for your premiere raison d'etre-unless of course you don't sell raisins!

Unit Media Services helps you by offering Search Engine Submission and Site Optimization for much less than other sites charge. And now, for a limited time, Unit Media Services is offering Search Engine Submission to 66 of the major search engines free with any Hosting Plan you choose.


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