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One of the most tedious tasks of a web site can be maintaining the site. Search engines look for updates, customers look for updates, and as you and your company grow and evolve, you will find the need to update your site with new and relevant information.

At Unit Media Services, we understand how time consuming it can be to spend hours gathering updates, creating copy, adding products. Then, you still have to upload all that information to your site, making sure it doesn't change the layout in the process. Making changes to site layouts can turn an easy chore into a hassle if you aren't certain what to do or where to do it.

That's why we have a simple and direct method of helping you do the housekeeping that every site needs in order to stay fresh and pertinent for you and your clients or customers. With our site maintenance plans its easy to keep your site up to date.

If you have very little to update each month, it may be best to go with the Hourly Maintenance Rate Plan, allowing you to control costs more readily. Unit Media Services web site engineers are fast and error-free letting you relax and make money.

MONTHLY FLAT RATE MAINTENENCE: Heavy updating may require many more hours then you want to pay for when pricing a-la-carte. Therefore, our Monthly Flat Rate Maintenance Plan may be the method that suits your needs best. For one flat rate, we do whatever you need whenever you need it done, no matter how many hours it takes. Whatever your needs may be, Unit Media Services Maintenance Plans to make site maintenance easy and affordable.

But remember, all sites hosted by Unit Media Services have 24/7 FTP upload capabilities allowing you to do any updates with your own team. And, if you know you will be making changes to specific areas of your web site(s), we can design the site so that the changes you make will have less of a chance to affect the layout and design of any pages.

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