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Basic Graphic Logo Design Sample

Basic Graphic Logo Design Sample - The Vino Diet

This design is clip art and text with a few modifications to each. However,
you can see that although it is considered a "Basic Graphic Logo Design,"
it retains an elegance within its simplicity.

Or this one:
Unit Media presents best Baseball Books - Only the Best Baseball Books and Reviews!

for Best Baseball Books.com

Complex Graphic Logo Design Sample

   Complex Graphic Logo Design Sample - Mind Fusion

Hours were spent tailoring this particular graphic design. We didn't stop until complete satisfaction was had by our client.

Complex Graphic Logo Sample - Brevard Comedy Productions, Inc.

Capturing the full essence of this company's Logo was the goal here. It had to not only say productions, it had to show it as well. So how did we do?

Text Logo Design Sample

Text Logo Example

Who says a Text Logo won't work? This Text Logo Design says it all!
Unit Media Services' Graphic Design Team is awesome!
Let them get to work for you right away.

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