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Terms of Service (ToS)

    Our Terms of Service are very simple and direct:

1.) All photos, videos, images, pages, etc. hosted by Unit Media Services or its servers shall not be pornographic, prejudicial, hate speech, or terrorist-oriented.

2.) No material contained anywhere within Unit Media site(s) may be used without prior, written consent and permission obtained from Unit Media Services or one of its representatives or agents.

3.) No inline linking, (also known as hot linking, leeching, piggy-backing, direct linking, offsite image grabs and bandwidth theft), is permitted for any reason from within our site to another non-Unit Media Service site. (Hot Link from within your own site all you like. Great for Ebay auctions!)

4.) All web site storage items, (images, video, music, pages, etc.) shall be used solely for the purpose of display on your web site and not for access at a later time for any other reason other than use on/in your web site.

5.) Breaking any of Unit Media Services' simple and direct Terms of Service will result in removal of the site and no refund of any kind shall be given to any rule breakers for any reason whatsoever. (Especially Rule #1)

6.) You agree that Unit Media Services shall only be liable for the monetary value for the amount of "down time" as pro-rated from the hosting plan you have chosen and any reimbursement shall be limited to that pro-rated amount credited to your hosting account.

See, very simple and direct!

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