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Banner Ads are the advertisements that you see running on the tops, sides, and bottoms of most commercial web sites. An effective banner ad can get you noticed and drive visitors to your site. An ineffective Banner Ad aggravate and even infuriate visitors to web sites other than your own and will drive visitors away from your site(s).

Using Flash technology and animated .gif's are two ways for advertising to "jump-out" at visitors to various web sites. However, static Banner Ads can also bring notice to you, your product and your company because our designs are effective and stylish. Most of our clients enjoy the unique and distinct banner ads we have created for them regardless of the style selected.

Unit Media Services can also incorporate video into your Banner Ads. Using video in your banner ads allows for an even more personalized display in order to drive traffic to your web site. While we can create your banner ad for you, it will be up to you to decide which site(s) to have your banner ad displayed. We always suggest that high traffic, high visibility sites with a comparable quality to your site make for the best choice when deciding where to place your banner ads. Visit Unit Media Productions for more information on video services.

However, some banner ads can be deemed completely obnoxious by visitors to the various sites where you advertise. This reason is why you should decide early on what is best for your company. Banner ads that jump out and cover the page may or may not work for you while ads that expand after the visitor clicks on them provides useful and pointed information about you, your company, or your product.

Unit Media Services can help you decide which banner ad style might work best for your needs.

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