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Creative Design with a Silver Lining

Don't be fooled by Web Design sites wanting to charge you $6.95, $12.95 even $24 and $48 or more dollars PER MONTH.. Can You Believe It? PER MONTH... for things you'll get here for one low price. And then you're done! The site's yours, you keep the domain, only a small Annual Hosting fee after. No Monthly ANYTHING, EVER! (Except Site Maintenance if you need us for that!)

What else? Ask, we may just have it! Just let us know.

Our experience in Web Site Design and Logo Design gives you the best look at a more than affordable price while delivering the quality you deserve and must have in today's competitive markets. Match our Web Site Design, Web Site Services, Logo Design with Text Logos or Graphic Logos, Flash Design Services and our SEO Services and Marketing Services with our more than affordable affordable Web Site Hosting Services for the complete package in Web Site and Media Design.

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Whatever your Media needs, Unit Media Services is the silver lining! Check out a few examples from our many satisfied clients, compare our pricing to anyone else, and you'll know why Unit Media Services is: 

Creative Design with a Silver Lining

Only $25 / Year Basic Hosting

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